Because It's Ozone Free...

There is no additive in Elmacık Water. Thanks to its own special pipeline and production line installed with the latest technologies in the world, the water is bottled without contact with air and microbiological reproduction, offered in its cleanest and most natural form as it comes out of its source.


High Mineral

Total mineral level of

In addition to containing the necessary minerals and other ingredients, Elmacık Water has been approved to be a “Natural Mineral Water” by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey by complying with the requirements of the applicable regulations. Thanks to its balanced mineral content, drinking 2 or 2.5 litres of Elmacık Water per day not only ensures that daily water need of the body is satisfied, but it also contributes to meeting the daily mineral needs with its easy absorption properties and the total mineral content of 178.2 mg/L.

Ideal pH Value of

Helps regulate alkali level in the body

As a natural mineral water with a pH value close to 8, Elmacık Water positively affects the chemical composition of our body. It contributes to the regulation of the alkaline level of the blood and your health with its ideal pH value of 7.96.


Elmacık For Everyone

Certified Quality

Elmacık Su Facility is the most modern,
high-tech bottling facility in Turkey
with its existing machinery.

In the advanced technology laboratory of Elmacık Su's bottling facility, all tests and analyzes that can be done on water are carried out by the expert team in accordance with the Ministry of Health and EU regulations.

Türkiye'nin Ozonsuz, Saf ve Doğal Suyu Elmacık Su
Türkiye'nin Ozonsuz, Saf ve Doğal Suyu Elmacık Su
Türkiye'nin Ozonsuz, Saf ve Doğal Suyu Elmacık Su
Türkiye'nin Ozonsuz, Saf ve Doğal Suyu Elmacık Su

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To place your order and subscribe; It is enough to call 444 4 262 and press 2 to connect to the customer representative. Our customer representative will learn your name and address from you and quickly register you to the Elmacık Su Subscriber Tracking System.

Our call center is open Monday to Saturday between 09:00 and 19:00.


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Elmacık Su is always with you with its new generation web and mobile experience. Download Elmacık Su application, your order will reach your door quickly. (Available only in Turkey)